Shooting Film

Some shots from my Canon Rebel G. Taken with either a 50mm or a 135mm prime lens. I love film… you never know what you’ll get until you get it processed, but sometimes you can catch a real gem. It also makes you think more about composition and exposure because each do-over comes at a price. Nice for a change of pace where you spend less time chimping and more time shooting. 🙂


One thought on “Shooting Film

  1. You’re so right, shooting film is a lovely change from the click-click-click of digital. I’ve recently been given an old Porst CX 4 from my granddad, and I adore shooting with it – in a way, it teaches you so much more about photography – you have to engage your brain more, and think about what you really want to capture.
    Beautiful shots you got there, too!

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